3 free fulfilment tips

Webshop logistiek - 3 gratis fulfilment tips

Webshop logistiek

B2C order fulfilment or webshop logistics is DistriMedia’s core business. While you focus on your shop and realize your growth objectives, DistriMedia ensures the smooth handling of your web orders. Hereby some tips and advice for your e-logistics or topics to discuss with your fulfilment partner.

>Tip 1 - Packaging

Your partner negotiated low prices with his 'standard' package suppliers because he orders large volumes. But maybe you do not need a standard package and would prefer your logo or other personalization features on the shipping box. This is actually a form of free advertising for your shop. Consider the strength of your package, it must withstand drops certainly if you send fragile goods. But even when this is not the case, good packaging can make the difference between a (minor) damage during transportation and thus a return, or a satisfied customer. Drop your shipment (1 meter) and see what happens. Did you also know some postal services have a so-called "bus"- or “mailbox” rate? The weight and thickness of your parcel are important. A smart fulfilment partner makes an automatic distinction between the parcels. Consult whether a thin (bubble) envelope is preferable over a firmer but thicker cardboard flap. Possible savings : easily 50 cents per parcel. Finally, ask whether your items sent require an additional package at all? Maybe the suppliers package is sufficient. This leads of course to less handling and automatically also to lower costs.

>Tip 2 - Preparing a shipment

It seems like you can exert little influence here, but did you consider e.g. flash sales, presale or selling of stockless goods? The common feature of these cases is that your service provider receives goods that are already (partly) sold and for which the process ‘receiving - storage - picking – order preparation’ can be drastically reduced through so-called cross-docking or using the approach of 'first order preparation and then receiving’. Less complexity leads to lower cost. You and your supplier considered direct shipment to the end-user but is the latter always a suitable solution? You may want to consolidate different items in one shipment or add an extra: your logistics partner is there to help.

>Tip 3 - Visit the warehouse of your future logistics partner

During the visit look at the different location in the warehouse. Shelves, pallet racks only, or a mix of both? Do not forget that the storage costs are directly or indirectly reflected in the tariffs whether you are selling a lot or a little. So-called hybrid warehouses have a mix of shelve and racks and respond to your growth. Perhaps your logistics service provider has a business intelligence program helping you in analyzing the relationship between sales and inventory (periodically). DistriMedia can help in the realization of the above tips. Do not hesitate to call on our expertise. Contact us.