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Distripedia : some Logistical Terms explained. (B2B and B2C)

Our website might contain a number of terms that do not always ring a bell. Occasionally, we will clarify these terms in a newsletter article.

The first article is about the B2B and B2C concepts and their impact on logistics processes. Two important cornerstones in our fulfilment service.

B2C stands for “business to consumer” This essentially covers the situation of direct shipping of a product through online shop or webshop to the end customer. The individual consumer order involves a process of order handling or fulfilment, where DistriMedia would than cover the logistics process (or more).

B2B stands for “business to business”. This is where a business ships product directly to another business. By consequence, the end customer is only reached indirectly. These shipments generally involve higher quantities (up to full truck loads).

There are very significant differences between a B2C and a B2B transaction. B2C fulfilment typically involves a higher number of individual orders, each with small quantities on an order line level. B2B entails smaller numbers of rather big orders. Both have their specific needs and critical success factors.

B2C orders are all about speed, accuracy, and customer service. B2B orders heavily depend on great accuracy. Typically, the foundation of such a logistics routing would be a predetermined process e.g. deliveries to retail companies have fixed delivery timeslots. Failing to comply with imposed specifications may result in penalties and inefficiencies.

With decades of experience and knowledge of the industry, both in terms of B2C and B2B fulfillment, Distrimedia is well placed to offer best in class solutions for both activities. We understand the specifics of the business and have specially designed processes in place for the right type of business. A growing number of companies however, have a multichannel strategy in place, in which both consumers and companies are approached, requiring an appropriate logistics solution. This is where DistriMedia adds value: we have the capability to handle both flows simultaneously. Your customer is treated according to your expectations.

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Belgian webshops and outsourcing their logistics

Belgian webshops take the floor…

Part I – reasons (not) to outsource your e-logistics …

In coming years DistriMedia will be focusing on the growth of its activities in logistics for webshops.

We are especially interested in reinforcing our logistic services in the business-to-consumer (B2C) segment.

To best serve the needs and desires of this market segment, we solicited the opinions of more than 300 Belgian webshops between mid March and early June 2016     

The level of response to our survey was 1 in 5.

In the coming period, we will share the results of this survey in a series of articles on specific themes.

The first important question we asked was: “Why don’t (wouldn’t you) outsource your e-logistics?”

In general, outsourcing logistic activities relates to improving costs and turnover, raising the level of service and quality, added operational flexibility, increased ability to focus on core business, improving efficiency, supporting change and growth, utilizing the expertise of the logistic service provider, solving specific logistic problems, and avoiding additional investment.

The answers we received from Belgian webshops can be divided into four major categories.    

  1. Expertise: knowledge that is internal or that the service provider does not have; this is primarily about working more efficiently, with greater logistic quality or with reduced risk of mistakes
  2. Growth: getting back to core business or making expansion possible; this is usually about supporting important changes: for example, starting up in another country; or about avoiding having to make additional investments
  3. Price: is it cheaper externally, or is there simply no confidence that this is even possible; this is usually about limiting costs, acquiring financial advantages and insight into logistics costs…
  4. Trust: often in the negative sense of being absent, or in the belief that an external partner is not able to deliver the same level of service

Answers to these key reasons can be found in the accompanying diagram.

The two most important reasons for outsourcing are expertise and growth.                                      

These are also the reasons why DistriMedia wants to focus on these areas.

Because we are specialized in logistics, we can help you get your order from webshop to end customer without a hitch. Supported by our in-house information technology team, we ensure the necessary connection between your webshop and our operation, including a customized information stream detailing the circumstances of the order or package.

DistriMedia also takes special needs into account: adding serial numbers to individual articles, assembling several pieces to form a new product, delivering to both private (B2C) and retail (B2B) customers, etc.

Our hybrid magazine helps you realize growth: hybrid in the sense that we offer all types of installations (shelf, live carton, pallet, high density) and carriers (envelope, box, pallet) to support your growing activities.

The third reason – not to be underestimated – is trust.                                      

Trust does not belong to the usual criteria for outsourcing, but it is nevertheless relevant for the B2C niche. Many projects experience growth that was originally supported internally, but that over time exceeds the available manpower and means.

The demand for outsourcing becomes relevant and is coupled with the transfer of an important responsibility and a process of change. As service provider we assist you in this process.

Questions about our study? Triggered by our services? Contact us

The logistics of seasonal products: A race against the clock

Optimally organized logistics for seasonal products is one of DistriMedia’s important trump cards. In this context we find it important to deliver on time and cost efficiently, and we notice that our clients and their customers really value this.

Seasonal effects require an extra dose of flexibility in terms of planning logistic means and manpower.  The quality of the work has to be just as high as during regular periods, the margin for error just as small.

Great(er) volumes and a greater diversity of customers is no obstacle for DistriMedia when it comes to getting all goods to every point of sale on time – and throughout the whole of Europe.

A fine example of how flexible DistriMedia can be in terms of capacity and resources is  school supplies..

We are responsible for the European distribution of school supplies for Lannoo Graphics. Products under license such as Smiley, Stars Wars, Me to You and the label Quattro Colori are delivered correctly and on time to our customers and distributers in the months of May and June. At the beginning of July, you can already find the new school supplies in the shops.

In consultation with our client, we already take the necessary measures several weeks in advance in order to receive goods conveniently and on time.

number of examples  that illustrate our flexible and attentive approach:

  • Pallets for high-volume customers are immediately placed in specific zones
  • Good planning enables us to unload an average of 3 containers per day in addition to our regular activities.
  • Goods are immediately placed on pallets according to the demands of the final customer. This gains a considerable amount of time when preparing orders.
  • Goods can be scanned for outer, inner and piece picking. The margin of error on number/reference is thereby limited.
  • Outgoing goods are followed up daily. Our3-3-3 approach enables us to add extra capacity here.
  • Unforeseen circumstances such as the wrong packaging, wrong price on the product are tackled by DistriMedia and made ready for dispatch according to the demands of the customer.


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