Distripedia : some Logistical Terms explained. (B2B and B2C)

Distripedia : some Logistical Terms explained. (B2B and B2C)

Our website www.distrimedia.be might contain a number of terms that do not always ring a bell. Occasionally, we will clarify these terms in a newsletter article.

The first article is about the B2B and B2C concepts and their impact on logistics processes. Two important cornerstones in our fulfilment service.

B2C stands for “business to consumer” This essentially covers the situation of direct shipping of a product through online shop or webshop to the end customer. The individual consumer order involves a process of order handling or fulfilment, where DistriMedia would than cover the logistics process (or more).

B2B stands for “business to business”. This is where a business ships product directly to another business. By consequence, the end customer is only reached indirectly. These shipments generally involve higher quantities (up to full truck loads).

There are very significant differences between a B2C and a B2B transaction. B2C fulfilment typically involves a higher number of individual orders, each with small quantities on an order line level. B2B entails smaller numbers of rather big orders. Both have their specific needs and critical success factors.

B2C orders are all about speed, accuracy, and customer service. B2B orders heavily depend on great accuracy. Typically, the foundation of such a logistics routing would be a predetermined process e.g. deliveries to retail companies have fixed delivery timeslots. Failing to comply with imposed specifications may result in penalties and inefficiencies.

With decades of experience and knowledge of the industry, both in terms of B2C and B2B fulfillment, Distrimedia is well placed to offer best in class solutions for both activities. We understand the specifics of the business and have specially designed processes in place for the right type of business. A growing number of companies however, have a multichannel strategy in place, in which both consumers and companies are approached, requiring an appropriate logistics solution. This is where DistriMedia adds value: we have the capability to handle both flows simultaneously. Your customer is treated according to your expectations.

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