Successful web shops are quickly confronted with the question what they should or should not outsource. The outsourcing of the fulfilment of web orders pays back in fewer mistakes, more flexibility and a transparent overview of your costs.


DistriMedia arose in the logistics of books and school supplies: products with a relative low value. Therefore, we deliver your products not only correctly and on time, but also fully understand that the management of your (logistical) costs plays a crucial role. Since 2001 the team of DistriMedia works following a self-developed approach that places client and employee in the center.


Many web shop differentiate themselves in their segment by providing a strong brand experience. The fulfilment services of DistriMedia are extremely flexible and we fulfil nearly all your additional requests.


Successful web shops often also sell (a part of) their offer through alternative channels like Amazon. DistriMedia is able to pair your web shop with such marketplaces and send all your orders from a single stock.


Web shop are by definition accessible from all corners of the world. Cross-border sales require more attention for your logistics. The cost for delivery are, for example, much higher and your customers also expect a local return address.