The logistics of seasonal products: A race against the clock

The logistics of seasonal products: A race against the clock

Optimally organized logistics for seasonal products is one of DistriMedia’s important trump cards. In this context we find it important to deliver on time and cost efficiently, and we notice that our clients and their customers really value this.

Seasonal effects require an extra dose of flexibility in terms of planning logistic means and manpower.  The quality of the work has to be just as high as during regular periods, the margin for error just as small.

Great(er) volumes and a greater diversity of customers is no obstacle for DistriMedia when it comes to getting all goods to every point of sale on time – and throughout the whole of Europe.

A fine example of how flexible DistriMedia can be in terms of capacity and resources is  school supplies..

We are responsible for the European distribution of school supplies for Lannoo Graphics. Products under license such as Smiley, Stars Wars, Me to You and the label Quattro Colori are delivered correctly and on time to our customers and distributers in the months of May and June. At the beginning of July, you can already find the new school supplies in the shops.

In consultation with our client, we already take the necessary measures several weeks in advance in order to receive goods conveniently and on time.

number of examples  that illustrate our flexible and attentive approach:

  • Pallets for high-volume customers are immediately placed in specific zones
  • Good planning enables us to unload an average of 3 containers per day in addition to our regular activities.
  • Goods are immediately placed on pallets according to the demands of the final customer. This gains a considerable amount of time when preparing orders.
  • Goods can be scanned for outer, inner and piece picking. The margin of error on number/reference is thereby limited.
  • Outgoing goods are followed up daily. Our3-3-3 approach enables us to add extra capacity here.
  • Unforeseen circumstances such as the wrong packaging, wrong price on the product are tackled by DistriMedia and made ready for dispatch according to the demands of the customer.


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